Let's start the adventure

Let's start the adventure


can I come?

Maybe you’ve spent your entire life envisioning a small, intimate wedding along the Amalfi Coat in Italy (If that’s you, skip the rest and just call me already.)

One of you closed the 13 tabs and said “Let’s just elope” and now you’re looking for the most adventurous photographer to take with you.

However you got here, you’re in the right place. Because magical, adventurous destination weddings are kind of my thing. 

I see love as both - Friday nights cuddled up on the couch watching Netflix - and - hiking up Mount Ulriken in Norway trying to decide if your going the right way.

Love is your most ordinary moments and your biggest adventure. So why not start this whole marriage thing with your best trip yet?

travel client love

travel client love


After my wife and I got engaged, one of our first orders of business was looking into securing a photographer, and we were so glad we had the opportunity to work with Chelsee. We had some ideas for our engagement shoot, and she found the perfect spot for the type of photos we wanted. We decided to do a destination wedding, and although it was one of Chelsee’s first, you would have never known it! She was extremely organized, and did plenty of scouting for shots prior to the wedding day.

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Why should I fly out a photographer vs going with someone local?

The most important thing about choosing a destination wedding photographer is finding someone whose style you LOVE. You need to make sure you pick the right photographer for YOU. Finding the right photographer that fits your style is a match made in heaven. It takes out all the guesswork and ensures you will receive the photos of your dreams! Bringing a photographer with fresh eyes and exploring a new location is like throwing a dog a bone, your both having a chance to create magic above and beyond, while building a strong bond and connection.

What are the costs?

I understand each wedding is unique and I don’t believe in a one size fits all mindset. I love to design and create a custom destination package that includes everything needed. Developing the right package for you depends on the needs of your wedding day.

When it comes to your destination wedding, you’re getting the same photography package you would get if you had your wedding locally but with travel expenses built in. This way you have more control over your costs and with everything figured out ahead of time, there are no surprise costs afterwards.

Is it worth it?

The thing about booking a hometown photographer versus a resort photographer means you can choose a photographer that has a wedding collection that is perfect for you. Resort photographers tend to rush the photo opportunities just to stay within their time limit and move onto the next job.

Personally, when I travel along, I like to add in extra bonuses to add to the gallery. Extra photos or extra hours to say thank you for bringing your photographer along on the trip. I add underwater sessions to all my destination weddings where the ocean is available.

Communication is key

As a previous bride myself I 100% believe that your photographer should be a piece of cake to reach through e-mail and social media. Nothing is worse than trying to get ahold of someone and having them not be there. Your photographer should have the expertise to be able to provide advice on your timeline, moodboard, your experience with them, what details you need to set aside for your bridal prep as well be excited to celebrate your wedding day! To me, clients are more than just a job for me to do to get paid.

I invest my time and energy into providing amazing photos for you of your BIG day that you want to hang in your house. Plus by the end of the process, we are probably going to be besties; I will be the biggest and LOUDEST cheerleader on your wedding day.

What if your camera gear gets lost or delayed?

I have a special camera bag that allows me to pack my gear as carry on for the flight. That means that the gear never leaves my sight. For diestination weddings, wI also ask that you allow me to travel at least 1 or 2 days in advance of the wedding in case of any other potential issues.

How far will you travel? What constitutes a destination wedding?

There is no limit to where I will travel for a great story! Although most people think of a destination wedding as a wedding in a tropical location, it doesn't have to be. A destination wedding can occur at unique locations across North America, Europe, Australia, and beyond! I would consider certain locations within Canada for my destination wedding packages as well! If you are unsure, just send me a little note :)






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